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Saturday, July 28, 2012


Gotta love dry weather and machine guns.


  1. My unit once set a mountain in the Korean DMZ on fire by firing our M2 .50 cal at it during the dry season. Also, M-16/M203s and M-60s, but it was the heavy tracers that did the most damage.

  2. This was mostly M2 and M249 tracers. Good times.

  3. We often set the hills above the ranges at Pendleton alight with .50, 7.62, 5.56 and 40mm. Ah, endless supplies of free gum'mint ammo, how I miss thee!

  4. Range fires are the best. I'd much rather get shut down because we set something on fire with tracers (awesome!) than because a bald eagle landed on a tree two miles downrange (weak!)

    They weren't afraid that we were going too shoot it, of course. They were afraid that we would scare it away... from a shooting range.